Prison, the Journey -5

Prison, the Journey to Higher Empowerment

Initially I spent twenty four hours a day in lockdown, for one year. Our walking space was 7’ by 4’. The bed was concrete, with a mattress with no padding. The blanket was thin thread bare. Sometimes the cell was ice cold. A stub pencil with a few pieces of paper were sometimes available. A small metal table bolted against the wall could be used by one  cell mate at a time. At the top of the cell above the upper bunk was a small slit called a widow. Fortunately during the year spent in almost total lockdown, my family sent me quality books to read. So days were spent with exercise in the cell, reading, and for me remaining in the mystic still silent omniscient omnipresent omnipotent guiding presence that has been shared with seekers throughout recorded history. 

This guiding presence and purpose had led me and others to traveling all the top teaching health hospitals of China, and establishing with the Chinese government an agreement of China dedicating 1000 acres of healing herbs for American integrative health. Additionally I had been able to travel to a famous Clinic in Mexico led by the author A Cure for All Cancers. From around the world others came to the charity with their own proprietary special cure all products. The ideal of combining these two east west health practices, seemed to be a synergy of gathering and separating to form a new wholly beneficial way of health. Simultaneously, some west and east practitioners want to hold on the their long held traditions. For example oncologists fought hard to promote chemotherapy and radiation for treatments of cancer, but seventy plus percent of these same oncologists would not use these same treatments on themselves or their families as first treatment.    

In reality, I never chose to actually pursue coordinating east and west medicine. I had chosen and surrendered to the Lord, without knowing the Lords entirety. In that total surrender, the Lord would have to build His way and House through me. By willingness and practice a greater purpose was being accomplished in and through me, and I through It. My maturing attitude became a reciprocity of: do and let go to Gods greater purpose, and allow what I do, to bring me in fulfillment of His Great Purpose, and me become a living element of that purpose. I was in this movement and simultaneously walking on the sands between two great moving oceans, with gyroscope-like presence. (Although I was moving, so too I was being moved seeing two great oceans seemingly move from within me and about me. Light worlds beyond the cosmic realms, mental and emotional realms, and hell realms.


Regarding the “charges”, (filing a false tax return, and sending that tax return in the mail {mail fraud}) on the one hand I knew that I was compliant with the IRS with proof, was solid with the Post Office, and had stollen no money from the charity, but simultaneously felt this deep compassion for all involved with the charity that had lost money.  Many CPA’s  who’s clients donated to the charity called me as a reference for the validity of the charities work, and the bank secured charity deposits. The charities work was in process and validated. I turned over records, and a bank contracts where deposits were protected. CPA’s and attorneys representing depositors did their own research. I attended to my portion of the charitable work dedicated to bringing East and West Medicine together to advance health here in America, and the world at large.

I had felt emboldened by this purpose. It seemed so beneficial. The fact that Major banks showed records proving the safety of deposits, and how through their back office banking activities, they would help add funds to charitable purpose, seemed at first to good to be true. Yet for years I had seen political ads where donors had matching funds available to them for a political mission with as high as a six to once match. A hundred dollar donation equaled a $600 contribution to a campaign fund. These bank representatives presented the same opportunity and used bank records and other charities as reference. Including one under the name of a former President and work that charity was doing in Hattie.  Other religious work charities were also involved. Since I was a doubter as a part of my nature, I too verified with banks and charities. 

Mainly though I was a natural health healer, not by trade, but by calling, not even by formal education. I began in that health tradition, “only because of absorption into the original light of love, and spacious grace of divinity” and recommendation of my wife, I could literally feel a healing energy flow through me. As soul and man that was immediate verification that I could be of valid assistance to those in pain. In that sense I was not really the healer. It was an enlightened energy. I knew I required a presentation for the greater healing, a mask so to speak, so I became a accredited Bowen Therapist. Technically I performed Bowen moves, but the greater healing was doing the work, and I its mere instrument.  

Previous to becoming an accredited Bowen Therapist, for years, I had helped other souls as they left their human body and transitioned into their heavenly higher body and affiliated plane. I worked with the terminally ill. So a part of the work that I was gifted and given was the awareness and knowingness that there is truly no death of Soul. I didn’t just believe this in faith, but had recall of where I was when entering my current human body, and of many past lives I had experienced through various civilizations here on earth, and various interior realms. So a part of my life was a de ja vu experience. I basically could create a charmed life, through techniques that manifested either naturally or supernaturally.  So many of us carry a knowing awareness mantle about us, through our vast experience and maturation as soul of divinity, and the One God. I could consciously co create and live in good karma. 

My journey of absorption into divine light love, grace, and mercy was more than the golden chains of good karma, leaving the lead chains of bad karma. This was more than my life as a positive thinker with positive attitude of earthly accomplishment which I had practiced with gifted human confidence. Through guidance in Christ I had died to that lifestyle. I had died on the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. My success oriented human confidence was exchanged for divine love. Then that same guidance said your journey is not over, I send you out into the heavens and earth to reveal the Fathers Purpose. A Father who had gifted through absorption the Light of Divine Love, the seeming empty eternal vastness of grace, where we are always provided. After years of living in grace, clear light mercy absorbed me. Initially It revealed to me this soul, that this universe and earth came into existence through the light of love mercy and grace of divinity. What was revealed is that Mercy gathers redeems and separates. That mercy was on high the redemption into the house that God builds, and for some is the wrath of divinity, separating and spinning off the evil back into evil realms, others into purgatorial learning, and others into maturation and completion of Soul as Divine Kingdom Way, here and hereafter.   

During this whole process of ending up here in a prison cell initially 24 hours a day lock down, with a shared toilet where cell mates would pee and crap in front of each other. Where we would keep that toilet “a flushing” out of respect for our cell mate.  Where drinking water was out of the same toilet contraption. Where we slept on a thread bare mattress on cold concrete. Where they offered prescription meds for those on meds, but no herbs for healing as I was used to taking. I had practiced as lifestyle eating lots of fresh vegetables, seeds, nuts, deep sea fish, with occasional organic chicken. That was completely gone now. 

In the evening with lights out, for a matter of three or more hours, a group of young cell mates would call out animal sounds.  It reminded me of a zoo.

For years I had known and practiced the solutions beget solutions energy field, that operated above the problems beget problems energy field. There is always a solution, and that would apply here in this physical prison too. The solutions beget energy field allowed me to know, and even co construct and be answers to all kinds of inner and outer problems.

I knew and more importantly, was “aware”, that the Lord as in Psalm 23 was guiding me, was in me. So there was peace for me on many levels. This Lord for me was revealing not just a separate being of all creation, but a state of being-ness that existed as a living reality even before this universe and earth creation. Concurrently, as a man here I was in the shared reality of imprisonment. No better or worse than any man here in prison.

One day my first cell mate, a young twenty one year old, asked me; “you seem very relaxed and peaceful; Why?”

“I live in a solutions beget energy field. If you want I will share a technique where there will always be answers to all problems of life. Where you can leave the problems beget energy forever.” “Its about energy. Do you believe that energy is in you and around you?” 

“Yes, but I have never heard of the solutions beget energy field.” 

“Would you like me to share the technique with you? It will mean if you decide to adopt this way of life; this will be the first day for the rest of a new and exciting way of life. Where all seeming problems can be converted into solutions.” 

“Let me ask you this one basic question.” I said. “If you could completely start your life all over; would you?”

With a look of hope and “yes that would be great” he began the process. In three weeks his nine year prison sentence, for selling marijuana, was converted to nine months.

All cell mates I shared this technique with shared their seemingly unsurmountable problems with me. Although the empowerment can turn you the readers life around, I will share the stories of some of the surrounding events of my cell mates and others, first.


A cell mate was a young mechanic. He was picked up for using marijuana while another drug bust was occurring. He was a father with four children. His wife wanted still another child. He felt so overwhelmed that he tried to avoid even talking with her about another child. His life seemed to be on a wheel to nowhere. Go to work. Have a few drinks after work and maybe a joint before going home. Concurrently he felt consumed with anger. Was always in a bad mood. 

He did the process. He consumed it like breathing in new air. He stopped everything. Got on his bunk and step by step began the process. He asked very technical questions to get it just right for himself.

Then he went to sleep to become absorbed into in what he had just surrendered to.

The next morning he literally jumped down from the top bunk and couldn’t stop laughing. He was full of joy. All he said to me was; “I know exactly  what to do. Then he would start laughing in awe and surprise.” 

When he went to visit his wife during visiting hours, the first thing his wife said, even before he spoke, was: “Who are you?” “Why are you smiling? you never smile.” “Are you having fun in here in something?”

Then he revealed the great life in their future. Not that there wouldn’t be some problems, but there is always a solution. He told her about his experience and why he was a new man. 

Then he said; “Honey we can have another child if you want. I will be home with you and the family as often as possible. I see our future. I will be the husband and father that you deserve. I love you”

She wept. They wept.


Jim came into the cell. I was at the metal table, writing.

“He just looked at me and said: “What are you doing here?” His voice was like, we knew each other.

I replied. “Do we know each other?” 

“No, but you look like some professor or minister.” “I just didn’t expect to see somebody like you.”

I then said; “welcome this can be the first day for a new and exciting life”.

“You can completely start all over.”

“I was just praying about that.” He said.

Then he told me his story.

Nine years before he and his wife and their best friends where having a celebration and drank too much. They got into a debate and he was moving his arms and accidentally hit his friends wife.

It was a large party and when the police came they also took a report on the black eye that his friends wife had. 

Later a prosecutor brought charges against him. Their best friends testified on his behalf, and charges were dropped.

Now these nine years later, officers following an old computer report error, had brought him in for this overnight stay.

Except as he later said it had to do with Gods will that he come into my cell.

When I shared the technique with him, he received it with open and willing consciousness.

The next morning he asked if he could share his experience.

He was a former Minister with a large congregation, and had quit. He and his wife had started a choir, and began the ministry.

It grew to thousands of followers. But then church politics took over and it became about collecting donation after donation. That is when he and his wife quit. 

These last five years his wife suggested he start a church. He had resisted. His wife had told him when the time was right God would provide direction. For the last five years, since leaving the congregation he lived in inner anguish. But was hesitant about trying again. He felt he had failed. He felt hollow inside. He had failed God, failed his congregation, failed himself.

That evening here in a prison cell, following the technique, he had a divine intervention, and had been lifted into what he described as a divine enlightened music so uplifting, that no choir could express. Yet; simultaneously he was encouraged to start his choir music again. The experience had  a transformational way of delivering messages through music from on high. It was like a music of divine intelligence that when heard transforms the listener in all good ways. In this transformation he was the instrument, the music and soul of the same, all at once.

He was shaking with appreciation as he told me. 

Then the prison guard came to the cell door. “Jones get your belongings. You are being processed out.”


A three hundred pound Russian man came into my cell. I just got up from the treasured lower bunk, for the obvious reason that this man could not occupy the upper bunk.

He was a former chess master from Russia and taught me the basics of chess. He was now a mechanic. I shared the solutions beget solutions technique.


A very quiet man suffering and worrying about his family and their separation.

He and his family had become homeless living in a van due to betrayal of a close friend.

I shared the technique. For the next three days he said nothing, but was a in purposeful peace.

When his family came to visit, his fourteen year old daughter said: “dad your shining.” 

Then he shared how everything was going to work out, and shared the divine revelations he had received during the technique. He was suddenly in tears over the transfer of divine light. Then he said; “my cell mate shared the technique, and I have been on the edge of tears ever since. I couldn’t cry in front of the man. So I have said nothing.” 

His wife said: “share with him. I’m sure that man understands.”

His wife shared that out of nowhere a government employee called and found them a home to live in. And something else strange happened; 

“ you know the old van honey, the one that always broke down?” It broke down on the freeway. A heavy Russian mechanic, who had a difficult time getting out of his truck, stopped and fixed it for no charge, and it works like new. Something good is happening in our lives that I don’t understand.”

My cell mate said “we will say a prayer of thanks.” 

“O my God she smiled. “Miracles never cease.” The great non believer in God Prays.” Then they all laughed. The next day he was released.

I was in this county jail for about a year, and must have had thirty different cell mates