Released from Jail-4

My family had retained an attorney. I was released from county jail, and met with the attorney. He was a former prosecutor and the first thing he said to me, was to relax, he could get me six months to eighteen months in prison with probable early release. 

I was shocked. “I haven’t done anything wrong. You have not asked about what really happened.”

His response was; “everyone is guilty of something.”  

“That may be true; but I am not guilty of any of this, and why are there 37 charges?”

He said: “look just hear me out.” Then he carefully explained how prosecutors worked. Then he said: “I have already spoken with the prosecutors in this case. It will be six months to eighteen months. “My fee is $140,000 up front. There may be additional fees.” But you will not spend more that six to 18 months in prison. Probably about four to six months.

“I don't have $140,000.  I am innocent.”

He ignored. “What about your family, do they have the money.”

“I’m not having my family pay for these false charges against me. Plus I doubt they have the money.”

He then said “I’ll apply to the court and and get a Public Defender.”

While waiting to see the Public Defender, I received a call from a donor who said the Prosecutor came over and asked their cooperation in prosecuting me. They explained what I had done. 

The donor said, “he never did anything like that.”

Then they threatened the donors wife with prosecution on another matter from years before, unless the donor would agree to testify against me. The person who called me was the pastor for the church the Donor attended.

The Pastor knew me, but still had arranged to get a copy of my

FBI report. He asked me about a number of names that were on the report attached to various criminal investigations. The report dated back to the nineteen fifties. I said; I was in elementary and junior high school in the nineteen fifties.

When I was introduced to the Public Defender, and explained everything, even what the prosecutor had done; the Public Defender asked for the Prosecutors name.

I gave it to him, and he laughed. “He has done that before. There is an expression with prosecutors. They can convict a ham sandwich.”  

“What exactly does that mean?” I asked.

“You see all these thirty seven charges asked the Public Defender?”

“Well its like when you are making a ham sandwich and go to the refrigerator and cupboards and get the all the ingredients you want and make a sandwich. The ingredients are called charges which they gather from millions of statues and and codes. Then they offer that sandwich to the courts.”

“But I’m not a sandwich.”

“It’s the prosecutors job to convince you that you are a sandwich.”

“It’s my job to convince them that you are not.” Let me talk to them. Based on your past non criminal and responsible life, and what you shared with me this looks pretty simple.”

“Now this may take awhile, because I am now working on 35 other cases. The Public Defenders Office is always backed up. The truth is the Prosecutors seem to have unlimited dollars, and Public Defenders don’t. With your clean record we should have no problem getting you released on your own authority. Which means you will be free to live your life of non crime, but will have to report in weekly to Pre Trial.”     

“I brought the FBI report and IRS report which proves my innocence.” I said.

The Public Defender said; “I see that here in your report. The county jail says they can’t find either report. But we still have lots of time. Your in the system now. Everything will work out. This may take three years before your case can even be addressed.”  

About three years later the Public Defenders Office called and said they had arranged a better alternative for me, and wanted to take me off their “books”. They would set up a special very experienced outside attorney to take the case, and he already agreed to represent me. 

When I met with him, he immediately began to prosecute me. I said; “what’s going on here. I thought you were a defense attorney.”

“I am.” “I just wanted to come at you as a prosecutor.” 

“Look” I asked; are you going to defend me?”

“I am going to defend the charges against you.”

I was suspicious.

“OK” I said: explain the 37 charges against me, one by one in detail.”

“It’s Greek to me.” Stated this attorney. 

“Well what are you going to do for me.” 

He pointed to another man in the office, a detective, and said; “I have hired David Rasmussen to investigate  on your behalf.”

“I have other trials coming up, and will not get to your case for some time.”

“Have you defended cases like mine before?”

“Mainly I defend death row inmates.”

“But we will defend you completely.” “I have been doing this for twenty five years.”

He handed me numerous binders and said this is the Prosecutors discovery. Read through everything make notes

I looked at a mass of paperwork before me, and binder after binder, of pre-discovery that had been presented to the defense attorney. It sickened me. How do you explain a mass of charges that are impossible to understand. As I researched other cases, from different perspectives, it became obvious this ham sandwich thing was real. Some of the discovery did not even relate to me. Other discovery was completely made up and never occurred.

I made numerous questions on the binders. Gave them back to the attorney. “This is crazy. They have things in here that relate to other people, things that make no sense at all. I do not understand this Legal stuff. Its like a different language to me.” 

“Plus the prosecutors are contacting donors, friends, and family stating I am guilty. Asking them to testify to my poor character. My credit is being ruined, family members are saying I should confess because I will be in prison for fifty years.”

“I did not do this!” “It seems to me this case revolves around the IRS, and I am clean with them. I had an audit many years ago, and there is a recent IRS report that says I am clean. The money the charity had that was stolen by or through these banks I had nothing to do with. This money was managed by big eight accounting firms, international securities firm, other charities. I personally did not have these money’s. And this mail fraud thing I completely do not understand. Is the Post Office accusing me? As I read these reports it says the UNITED STATES is charging in this instance. Who is this UNITES STATES. Is every state charging me? Is every citizen charging me?

“Or does this just boil down to a Prosecutor? Or a Prosecutors office where men and women can say or do anything they want to in pursuit of conviction.  An Office can’t charge me. And I have done nothing personally against any of these prosecutors. It looks to me like they are gathering people against me, by telling them untrue stories.” 

The Attorney said “I will take what you said to the Prosecutors.”

He came back to me within days, just before I was going to leave the state again, and return to my health practice. “We have a trial date in three weeks?”

“A trial date?” You have prepared no defense!” I protested.

The attorney said “I have enough to defend you.”

“We have a pre trial date scheduled for Monday.”

“This is bullshit. What kind of Attorney are you?”

“We can go to the pre-trial date and you can request another attorney.” He said.

At the pre trial date the Attorney brought my family to see me and left. My family, out of fear, begged me to confess. 

My protestations was that I was Innocent and did not do this, whatever this was. I slid across the table a pile of charges. 

They continued to beg me because they were told I would spend fifty plus years in prison. 

The attorney brought in a document and reviewed a Plea Agreement. After nearly five hours of family begging I signed the plea agreement.

All the family left relieved. The Attorney left satisfied.

I immediately went into the deepest depression and crisis in consciousness. I had failed myself, I had failed God. I agreed to a lie and self condemnation. I just could not do this, and cancelled the plea agreement.

I was brought before the Judge, and the prosecutors tried to put me in a mental hospital because I was crazy not to sign their plea agreement.

The Judge sent me to a social worker who worked out of his lower middle class home.

The social worker found me fit to understand the charges. Of course I didn’t.  There are said to be millions of codes statues and regulations. 

I was sent back to the Judge, and a trial date was set for a year later. Later the Judge had a serious health problem so the trial ended up being postponed for years. I returned to my practice.

It was now eight years later. I had driven across America to come to this special session to save my mothers properties. 

What I did not know was that during my return, I was to be sentenced for a crime I never personally committed. It was a completely UNJUST justice system. I actually understood the prosecutors. They were hired hit men. Their job was to convict! Everyone, was guilty in the eyes of the court, and if not they could be made to look guilty. 

The aspect of the Justice system that shocked me, was the whole system was rigged. Defense attorneys were just as much a part of the rigged system. One former defense attorney told me, he was ashamed because all he did in his career was get plea agreements. He had entered the Justice system to truly defend clients in the vein of a Perry Mason. However he had been firmly told; “that’s not how the game is played.”

Further research revealed defense attorneys in the federal criminal system had less than a 1% “acquittal” rate. The accused rarely went to trial. They were plea bargained. Served some time, and were hung with a sign of shame around their necks, even after release.

To me it was like a denizen of hell. 

In this denizen it was not just prosecutors, defense attorneys, judges that were playing this game of fiction, so too were the banks, insurance companies, three letter agencies, and I was now to find out first hand that the entire American prison system captured the guilty, innocent, and scapegoats alike, and “charged” them for financial return and gain. Some knew this while others were simply educated into this system, as I had been.

In the past, I had worked for banks, securities companies, insurance companies, and had thought of them as solid and honest. The charity had contracts with well known institutions. The collapse of this system was occurring, and I did not know it. It was occurring as I was being sent to prison. (It began in 2007 {I was sent to prison in 2007} with a crisis in the subprime mortgage market in the United States, and developed into a full-blown international banking crisis with the collapse of the investment bank Lehman Brothers on September 15, 2008. ... The crisis was nonetheless followed by a global economic downturn, the Great Recession. [The charity and many other charities and organizations suffered loss of money] {Yet when it came time to reform these large American Banks and World Banks, they were bailed out, by politicians.} )   

As I was being led out of court in chains, I could still feel that strong steady guiding inner presence that had been with me through mostly good charmed life and very few challenging times. Through years of regular meditation I knew not to give thought to what I was going through. I said to myself “I will treat this as a sanctuary spiritual experience.” Even in this crazy unjust system I could not even blame the system, nor its purveyors. I had trusted the system, as almost all do. I was willing to blame myself, not for the charges because I was innocent, but for getting into this predicament. I had to assign my lack of knowledge of how the system worked, and put that as a solution I would pursue while I went through the prison experience. 


Within each of us is a still guiding aware silence that is and moves beyond time and space. That would be my sanctuary. The Eternal Now and spacious moment beyond time and place. This sanctuary I knew through absorption contained the Light of Love, eternal gate of Grace, and Clear Light Mercy on a Soul spirit Level.  I had surrendered myself as Soul who had been around for eons, to the Lord Of Life, the One God. But never in my wildest imagination had I conceived of being thrown in prison.

Scriptures flowed through me, with each scripture stating God leads the way. God takes One thousand steps, for every step we take with Him. Psalm 23 became me. I as a man had absolutely no idea what plan lay before me in Him. None. I could only practice and learn the life of prayers fulfilled.      

Where-as before prayer had helped me personally, now I was to learn prayers beyond mere inspiration. Prayers that actually moved whole circumstances and events in a wholly beneficial way. Prayers that moved Light and energy. Prayers that could benefit all of conditioning existence.  

Thus I began a Prison Sentence. Except for me a higher story was revealing and presenting Itself through inner transformations. Simultaneously I knew that each of us had to be met where we are in His Providence and as a bottom line man, ex-marine, ex-boxer, ex-corporate executive, I had to swallow this bitter pill of the unjust and somehow see it converted into higher liberty.