Take Down-1

After my morning workout I entered into the back bathroom, directly off the outside deck. I turned on the shower, stripped my shoes, gym shorts, and t-shirt off, jumped in the shower, scrubbed down and wrapped in a towel.  I wiped the steam from the mirror, applied shaving cream, leaned forward and began to shave.

Bang, Bang, Bang - the door shook like an earth quake had hit. There, at the door, stood a sheriff with his ID held against one of the panes of glass in the deck.  I said, let me put some underwear on. I reached for my boxers and saw another man in a bullet proof vest. He was screaming open the fucking door now or we’ll bust it down. I turned the knob, the door flew open. I was grabbed, thrown to the ground by a heavy agent while he shoved his knees into my back and handcuffed me. 

A warrant was shoved in my face, and I was dragged into the dining room and slammed down into a chair.   About 15 uniformed agents, dressed in combat gear rushed into my home.

What’s going on here? I said in an incredulous and pissed off voice.

Read the warrant! A uniformed man said as he threw paperwork on my naked legs. 

Can I take off the handcuffs, or at least one so I can hold the paper?

Officer Williams will hold it and turn pages for you, said the man in the  bullet proof vest.

I looked over the top of the paper and saw numerous agents moving about and ransacking various rooms in my home.

One of them grabbed my laptop and demanded the password

My wife who had been brought out from the bedroom, said: “There’s nothing on the computer, just personal information. 

What’s the password, came another demand.  My wife provided the password.

More questions and comments from these disrespectful and dehumanizing agents.  Are there any guns or weapons here? Are there any drugs, you had better fess up because if we find them it will be much harder on you. 

No,  was my answer to their accusations and questions.

Then with a smirk on his face, the man who had asked about weapons, grabbed a kitchen knife, held it up and said; “this is a weapon.”

Another vested man walked by and said; “too bad Johns not here, he’s missing all the fun.” I watched as they searched all the binders and books, every crevice of my house, and then threw whatever they wanted in boxes.

I was shivering even though I wasn’t cold, instead I was calm and somewhat detached inside myself, even though my body had been violated, attacked and yanked around. I sat still in just my underwear at the dinning room table.  These events only happen in the movies not in my home, I kept telling myself.

My mind wandered to a more peaceful time in my life, a time when I was on top of the world.