The Beginning-2

It was Springtime. I was sitting on a park bench, reviewing not just my life, but the simple beauties of life. Behind me was a beautiful rose garden alive in bloom. The fragrance of renewal waifed through gentle breezes. Dogs were at play in the park. In the distance children swinging, sliding, playing hide and seek shouting joys of childhood. 

I looked down. A worm was inching its way on soft brown loam. Birds were flying, tweeting and hopping from tree to tree, bush to bush. Butterfly’s were fluttering and dancing like symphonies on air, and a sun from azure shined its radiance on my face and all equally. 

I smiled at the seeming simplicity of it all. I relaxed let every worry or concern go, and decided to just appreciate life more fully. 

Suddenly without trying or even contemplation on such a happening everything clarified, and I was absorbed and passed through the gate to eternal grace. In that eternal moment two awarenesses revealed, I was being completely started over, through this Grace.  Simultaneously, the realization that I did not earn this Grace, but I could start again and co create a lifestyle always favored by divinity, dawned. It was all so clear and empty at the same time. Emptied of all my past present and futures, into a preeminent all beneficial and loving co creative lifestyle. This realization was preeminent; before the entry into conditioning existence as cause, before the karmas of Good v.s. Evil. All life, this life and after life; east, west, north, south, twilight and dawn, daily dream life, nightly dream life, all circumstances and events met at this gyroscope like clear guiding moment. I was at the epicenter, the eye, of this, by Grace. Its like seeing with clarity all creation in operation. Not a creation born out of chaos, rather a creation birthed out of One God and Light Therefrom. Also the realization dawned, that I consciously had a co creative position within this uncalled for grace. 

I envisioned a lifestyle I was willing to be and live. It is also a cleansing dynamic, removing limitations so that the Works of divine Love could work from within me, here and hereafter.     

I left the park in pure relaxed determination of putting forth and letting the grace lifestyle vision be placed on a large vision board. At the center was placed omniscience, omnipresence, omnipotence, the scriptural descriptions of the One divine being, that could not be fully described. This was to be my presence in and as this life and any afterlife. Without technically saying the Word One God, I described the qualities of this Preeminent Being that created all and was at the core of all. Then I placed pictures of books without titles that someday I would write.  

I listed character qualities I felt were my limitations, and wrote out ultimate solutions to these perceived problems. Listed the quality and value of health, relationships, and finances that In agreed to live and be. Items of use such as computers etc. Listed places of travels, and as I was writing I edited as my lifestyle as it became reality. 

Of course with change of spiritual and personal status, circumstances and events change to the actual wholly beneficial way. 

Grace began immediately

One happening that I did not want to occur, was divorce from my wife, the mother of our children. I moved five blocks away and the children lived in both homes. I became a bachelor father. 

What did manifest was wonders in health, relationships, finances, world travel, new residences, where I was always provided the best. This grace moved beyond the positive and negative, good and evil, and actually introduced me to the harmony and balance that moves creations.

Through the years I became involved with a charitable work, that functioned through donor advised accounting, that included direction by major world banks, international securities companies, big eight accounting firm, various CPA’s, Attorneys, and other charities. Then there was the charitable works themselves. My work was to help establish the blending of East and West medicine. 

From years of working as a therapist, and specifically with men and women with terminal illness, or pain, I recognized that such things as chemo therapy, radiation, and certain prescription medication’s created serious side effects that reduced the quality of life. In some situations it actually caused early death. Additionally, it seemed the most important factor in western medicine revolved around insurance and finances.

The Eastern approach includes herbs, nutrition, and certain therapeutic exercise. My intention and those who became involved with the donor advised charitable work was to bring the the East and West together for greater over-all health benefits. 

My daughter while in her young twenties once said to me; “Dad, you live a charmed life.”   

I had good intentions and my life did seem charmed however, it is said scripturally that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. 

So here I sit, innocent, naked and handcuffed, in the midst of a raid upon my person and my properties.