The Fall Guy-3

After the invasion by a uniformed police state. I went to the FBI office and answered all their questions. At the conclusion of the meeting they said: “just let us know if you are leaving the area.” 

I stated I was moving out of state and where I would be. I left with them a copy of all documentation that would support my innocence. After that on a weekly basis my wife and I would let the FBI know where I was.  

Daily I attended to my normal life which included, practicing natural health lifestyle, friendly, loving and healing relationships, my daily practice as a Natural Health Therapist.

Eight years later I was treating a fibromyalgia client. At the conclusion of the treatment I was leaving my private office, when I heard my name called. I turned around and a FBI agent and Sheriff officer said “You are under arrest.” “Put your hands behind your back. If you promise not to run we won’t chain your ankles.” 

“Can’t I just walk out with you. You’ve got guns. I’ve never even had a traffic ticket.” No was the stern answer.

“Where am I being taken?” 

Back to California. 

“I call the FBI once a week, if they wanted me back why didn’t they tell me. Am I being charged with something?”

“Where just responding to the Warrant. Everything will be explained to you.”

“Can I take copies of my FBI and IRS report?”

“Are they here?” Asked the FBI agent.

“They are at my condo.”

“OK, well pick them up, and I’ll hold them and return them after I read them.”

“What’s in them?” Asked the agent.

“Proof of my innocence.” I replied.

I was taken to a county jail holding facility and two days later sent on a three month diesel tour, where I was taken through some of the most dangerous and well known prisons in the UNITED STATES prison system. Known as the Federal Prison Transit System i.e. Marshall Project. It was the process of travel that is the real torture and harassment, rather than the destination. 

The various bus and con air travels were filled with as much humiliation as possible. I was chained to the violent and some mentally unbalanced men. 

The chains were locked in such a way as one had to bend forward to walk or move. One could not stand or even stretch. The lines where I was taken were long, with most often no bathroom breaks for hours. Some men peed in their orange prison jump suits. Many bathroom facilities were uncouth and smelled of urine and feces. Some had feces on the floor. Men were chained both hands and feet. Some prison guards purposely made the chains tight, where prisoners skins were chaffed and bleeding. Some Marshalls were more compassionate. We were often dragged and jerked at paces that strained the chains, and caused unnecessary pain for all of us chained. The smelly and either too hot or cold bus rides were worse than the air flights.  

Upon arrival at a prison, we would be stripped naked told to bend over touch our ankles, as the guards would explore our crevices. Most often we would be standing on cold tile, and freezing rooms.

Often we would be held in 30 to 60 men one room 120 square foot cells for hours and days. There would be one shared toilet for peeing and craping. Toilet paper was a precious commodity. The smell was one of urine, crap, and sweaty body odor. During my three month diesel tour I only was able to get four open cold showers. 

Most often chains would remain on each man.

Probably for some Marshalls it was simply a cattle drive from one location to another. We were treated no better than cattle.

The various prison facilities were I was housed for days or a week at a time, were for hardened criminals. I rarely, if ever spoke.  

When I arrived in California, I was in county jails. The two man cells had a walking space of 4 ft. By 7 ft. One shared toilet connecting to a water faucet. Sometimes they would bring in a cot and make it a three man cell. The food served during the tour, was either baloney or cheese sandwiches ,or over cooked over salted runny potatoes, and veggies. Occasionally we were served some sort of runny stew, with whatever kind of meat that was in the stew.

My first opportunity for a shower at the local county jail was ruined when I discovered crap on the floor, and showers were shut down for a week.

While in the county holding cells and throughout the diesel tour I practiced special body health exercises I had learned as a therapist. Plus I did push ups, crunches, squats, burpees and isometrics. 

Once a day we could most often get time in a quad, which sometimes had a television. The television was controlled by the few who knew the system. The programs were generally to the likes of the Kardashians.  Few  inmates took the time to exercise. I always, being the oldest “OG” (old guy) was respected, by inmates or just left alone.

Prison is very self segregated by race and gangs. My position was old guy.

One day after completing my exercise in the quad, I noticed an older, but still younger than me, black man who had been in prison for many years. I could see he had frozen shoulder. “He said it occurred three years ago due to some kind of injury.”

I said; “I have been a therapist for many years and may be able to gently unlock your shoulder.” Other younger and middle aged black men were around him, and all were suspect of a white man. But I was OG, and they listened to my description of what I would do.

So I did a therapeutic move and his shoulder slid into place. Tears came to his eyes, at the release of pain. Suddenly every black man in the quad surrounded and protected me, and said; “you can’t do this they will increase your prison time.” After that I was always protected and more respected by inmates.

I was rarely spoken to, because we had nothing in common. They were prisoners with a certain ingrained prison lifestyle consciousness and belief system, and I had lived as a therapist, family man, with home, car, entertainments, etc. Just a very normal lifestyle. Except that all of us experience challenges during our life.